Arizona: Governor Hobbs Applauds Landmark Tribal Water Rights Settlement Legislation Introduced in Congress

Phoenix, AZ - Today, Governor Katie Hobbs voiced her support for the Northeastern Arizona Indian Water Rights Settlement Act of 2024.

"The State of Arizona is thrilled to support the Northeastern Arizona Indian Water Rights Settlement Act which will, at long last, provide access to safe, reliable water supplies to the Navajo Nation, Hopi Tribe, and San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe" said Governor Katie Hobbs. "This legislation is a testament to the tireless efforts all parties have made as we usher in a new era of collaboration between the State, tribal partners, and all Arizona communities who will benefit from the certainty and security that will come from achieving this historic water settlement.

"One year ago I became the first sitting Governor to address the Navajo Nation Council on its historic 100th legislative anniversary, and at that time I made a commitment that the State would be a partner in tackling tough water issues. I'm proud to say we have delivered on this promise, and we are celebrating the achievement of this critical milestone. There is more work yet to be done, and we will continue to fight to ensure that all Arizonans have access to clean, reliable, sustainable water supplies."

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The Northeastern Arizona Indian Water Rights Settlement and Legislation are the product of monumental efforts by the three Tribes, the United States, the State, municipalities, and numerous other non-Tribal water users to reach agreement on settlement of some of the largest outstanding tribal water rights claims to Colorado River water, in-state surface water, and groundwater supplies in Arizona. Settlement of these claims will put an end to decades of conflict and lawsuits, and ensure reliable, sustainable water supplies to the Navajo Nation, Hopi Tribe, and San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe.

Water delivery infrastructure projects that will be funded through this settlement will begin to help alleviate the lack of safe, clean water supplies and water delivery systems for members of all three Tribes. The infrastructure projects funded through this settlement will contribute to the process of ensuring that all Arizona residents have access to clean running water in their homes.

Under Governor Hobbs' leadership, the State of Arizona has jump-started tribal water right settlement discussions with commitment to reaching resolution as a cooperative partner, and removing barriers and roadblocks to settlement that have caused agreements to languish for years. Notably, the Governor reversed an antiquated policy that infringed upon tribal sovereignty and had restricted lands from being taken into trust for Tribes through the federal administrative process as a condition of a water rights settlement.

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