Arizona: Governor Katie Hobbs and Democratic Latino Caucus Members Issue Joint Statement Denouncing Anti-Business HCR2060

Phoenix, AZ ~ Phoenix, AZ - As the Senate prepares to vote on HCR2060, Governor Katie Hobbs and members of the Democratic Latino caucus have come together to denounce the proposed bill in a joint statement.

The statement, issued ahead of the vote, highlights the concerns of various bipartisan organizations such as the Arizona Chamber of Commerce, border county law enforcement officials, and immigrant rights groups. These organizations have all spoken out against the Republican-backed ballot referral, citing its potential to harm job growth, drive away businesses, and demonize communities of color.

In their statement, Governor Hobbs and the Latino caucus make it clear that this referral will not effectively secure the border or make Arizonans safer. Instead, they argue that it will hinder law enforcement's ability to combat violent crimes like robbery and sexual assault. Additionally, they estimate that enforcing this measure could cost state and local governments hundreds of millions of dollars. They also express concern about the potential for racial profiling and its impact on families and communities.

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The joint statement also addresses the issue of Dreamers - individuals who were brought to the United States as children and have since gained legal status through programs like Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). The proposed bill plans for an end to these programs, putting Dreamers at risk despite following proper legal processes.

Governor Hobbs and the Latino caucus acknowledge that more needs to be done to secure the border. They point out that earlier this year, Congress had an opportunity to pass a border deal that would have supported law enforcement and helped manage the influx of migrants. However, this was halted by extremists who wanted to use it for partisan attacks. As a result, businesses, law enforcement officials, and Arizonans are now facing consequences due to federal inaction and political games.

The statement concludes by stating that while they have been working tirelessly to create a safe and humane environment at the border in order to address the current crisis, the proposed bill is not the solution. They urge legislators to consider the negative impact it could have on the state and its residents.

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