Arizona: Governor Katie Hobbs and Secretary of State Adrian Fontes Call for Clean Fix to Election Timeline

Phoenix, AZ ~ Phoenix, AZ - In response to the recent changes to Arizona's election recount laws, Governor Katie Hobbs and Secretary of State Adrian Fontes have issued statements urging for a resolution to the resulting timeline issue. Both officials emphasized the importance of finding a solution that does not harm voters and does not include unrelated changes to Arizona's elections.

Governor Hobbs stated, "Arizona voters are counting on us to do our jobs and protect their votes. While I am willing to compromise, I will not sign a bill that contains harmful unrelated legislation or restricts voters' right to have their voices heard at the ballot box." She reiterated that voters should not be punished for a problem created by lawmakers themselves. "I have always put Arizona voters first and I urge legislators who are standing in the way of compromise to do the same," she added.

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Secretary Fontes echoed similar sentiments, saying, "If there was ever a reason to be bipartisan, it would be to rally around the issue of empowering voters. Instead, we are dealing with an artificially manufactured crisis that makes it harder for Arizonans to vote." He stressed that there are sensible solutions available that would ensure free, fair, and secure elections without burdening citizens.

The two officials have made several concessions in negotiations with legislators, including not changing the recount law and adjusting the curing period as long as harm to voters is offset. However, legislators have refused to meet them halfway in negotiations. Instead, they introduced legislation that includes unrelated proposals and unfairly burdens voters in order to fix a problem they did not create.

Governor Hobbs and Secretary Fontes both emphasized their commitment to finding a solution that prioritizes the rights of Arizona voters. They urged lawmakers to put aside partisan differences and work towards a compromise that benefits all citizens. As discussions continue, it remains crucial for all parties involved to prioritize the integrity of elections and ensure that every eligible voter has equal access to participate in democracy.

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