Arizona: Governor Katie Hobbs Releases Statement on House Passing Job-Killing HCR 2060

Phoenix, AZ ~ Phoenix, AZ - In a recent development, HCR 2060 has been passed by the Arizona State House, much to the dismay of Governor Katie Hobbs. In a statement released today, Governor Hobbs expressed her concerns about the potential consequences of this legislation.

According to Governor Hobbs, HCR 2060 will have a negative impact on Arizona's businesses and economy. She believes that it will result in job losses and make it more difficult for law enforcement to carry out their duties effectively. Additionally, she claims that the bill will put a strain on the state's budget and fail to secure the border.

Despite strong opposition from various stakeholders such as business leaders, border law enforcement officials, and bipartisan local leaders across the state, Governor Hobbs believes that extremist lawmakers have chosen to prioritize their political agendas over finding real solutions.

Governor Hobbs also highlighted her efforts to support border law enforcement during her time in office. She stated that she has listened to their needs and allocated nearly $100 million towards increasing capacity and upgrading technology in border communities. She also launched Operation SECURE, which aims to strengthen coordination and provide additional resources through collaboration with the Arizona National Guard and Department of Public Safety.

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However, Governor Hobbs firmly believes that HCR 2060 is not the answer to securing the border. While she continues to prioritize public safety and work towards keeping communities safe, she emphasized that Arizona cannot continue cleaning up after the federal government's failures.

In light of this recent development, President Biden's administration announced an Executive Order aimed at curbing unlawful entry and upholding humanitarian protections. While Governor Hobbs sees this as a critical tool in addressing the issue at hand, she stressed that comprehensive solutions and congressional support are necessary for securing the border.

Governor Hobbs called on Congress to do its job and provide more resources for border patrol agents, immigration judges, and support services in managing this crisis effectively. She referenced a bipartisan border agreement reached earlier this year, which she believes provides a clear path forward with critical reforms and investments. However, she expressed disappointment that partisan politics have derailed these necessary measures.

In conclusion, Governor Hobbs urged Congress to put aside partisan politics and prioritize the safety and security of the nation by delivering comprehensive immigration reform. She believes that this is what the country desperately needs at this time.

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