Arizona: Governor Katie Hobbs Statement on Job Killing Immigration Bills in Legislature

Phoenix, AZ ~ Phoenix, AZ - As the legislative session continues, Arizona entrepreneurs and workers are facing a potential threat from several bills that have been introduced. These measures, including HCR 2060 and SB1231/HB2821, have been labeled as anti-business and anti-immigrant by critics.

One of the most controversial bills is HCR 2060, which has been described as a desperate and partisan attempt to bypass the normal legislative process. This bill has sparked outrage among business and community leaders who fear its potential impact on the state's economy.

In response to these concerns, Governor Katie Hobbs has released a statement condemning the proposed legislation. She stated that while she understands the frustration with the federal government's failure to secure the border, passing bills that demonize communities is not the solution.

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Governor Hobbs also highlighted the potential consequences of these bills, stating that they could lead to increased costs, harm farmers, and put Arizona entrepreneurs out of business. She also expressed concern for working-class Arizonans who could lose their jobs as a result of these measures.

The governor emphasized her efforts to address border security by providing resources for law enforcement and mobilizing the National Guard. She believes that this is a more effective approach than passing job-killing and anti-immigrant legislation for political gain.

If these bills were to pass, it could cost Arizona hundreds of millions of dollars in investment and harm its economy. As legislators continue to debate these measures, many are urging them to consider alternative solutions that do not have such detrimental effects on businesses and workers in the state.

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