Beat the Freeze Early: Why July is the Prime Time to Install Heated Gutters

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., July 1, 2024 ~ As the summer heat continues to rise, The Brothers that just do Gutters are already looking ahead to the winter months with a proactive approach to home maintenance. In preparation for the colder weather, they are offering heated gutter installations in July to ensure homes are ready well before winter's chill sets in.

According to Danny Horboychuk, Brand President of The Brothers that just do Gutters, heated gutters may seem like a winter topic, but the best time for ice prevention is actually during the summer. "Installing now provides homeowners peace of mind when the first frost hits, protecting against ice dams and the damage they cause," he explains.

The heated gutters feature self-regulating heating elements that activate at a set temperature. This includes heat cables that are flexible and durable, installed within the gutter and downspout system and controlled by a timer or thermostat. Another key component is gutter guards, which are covers with integrated heating elements that not only prevent ice and snow accumulation but also enhance the performance of the heating system.

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Opting for installation during warmer months has multiple benefits. It ensures that the gutter system is ready for winter without the need for last-minute, cold-weather installations. This timing also avoids risks associated with winter work such as icy conditions and allows installation teams to work more efficiently in comfortable weather, potentially reducing costs.

According to Horboychuk, heated gutters are crucial for preventing ice dams and icicles that can block and damage properties. "They maintain continuous drainage to prevent property damage and reduce the need for winter maintenance, saving time and reducing injury risks while extending the lifespan of the gutter system," he says.

He emphasizes that too often homeowners wait until it's too late to install heated gutters. By installing them in July, not only does it prepare their home for winter but it also enhances its overall safety and functionality.

The Brothers that just do Gutters is a member of Evive Brands family and is committed to providing innovative home maintenance solutions with a focus on customer service and quality installation. As a leader in gutter technology, they offer specialized services to enhance and protect home investments.

For more information on heated gutter systems and to schedule a summer installation, interested individuals can visit or call 866-550-3569. Media inquiries can be directed to Rhonda Grundemann at 602-739-8810.
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