Brighton releases print format of "Two Sisters' Secret" from novelist Diane T. Holmes

"Showcasing her literary talents, Diane T. Holmes creates a richly textured and searing novel"

MESA, Ariz. - Arizonar -- Brighton Publishing LLC is pleased to announce Book release of Two Sisters' Secret from novelist Diane T. Holmes.

Two Sisters' Secret is now available in eBook and print formats from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other leading Book retailers nationwide. The print format is distributed by Ingram, the world's largest wholesale book distributor, in addition to being available worldwide through the Espresso Book Machine Network.

Synopsis: From author, Diane Holmes, comes a story inspired by the life of her grandmother, Bernadine. In this work of historical fiction, the relationship between Bernadine and her older sister Elizabeth is complicated. Bitterness between them develops when Elizabeth asks Bernadine to keep a deep dark secret about her past. The bitterness is intensified when the younger sister must leave her home in Germany saying goodbye to her best friend, Judith.

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Readers get a look at what travel is like by steamship in 1892, when the sisters sail from Germany to America. Elizabeth meets a young gentleman aboard ship and, although they develop strong feelings for each other, sadness surrounds them as they are separated at Ellis Island. He makes his way to West Virginia, while the sisters head to Iowa.

Later, Bernadine must endure betrayal when Elizabeth moves to West Virginia and leaves her behind. The story gives a detailed look at Bernadine's life as she matures, marries, and raises a large family on an Iowa farm, always harboring bittersweet feelings for Elizabeth.

Two Sisters' Secret is not just the personal story of Bernadine and Elizabeth, but the story of rural America at the turn of the century, the transition to electric lights and telephones, the sadness, fear, and loneliness of an immigrant in the United States, and the hardship of The Great Depression.

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Holmes takes you into the heart and soul of Bernadine as she struggles on the Midwest plains of Iowa, suffering heartbreaking losses of farmland, an infant son, a daughter so needlessly, and husband before his time. The reader senses how Bernadine meets the challenges with strength and faith in God, all the while keeping the secret. Holocaust.

Readers see an impressive scene when the balance of power shifts from Elizabeth to Bernadine. And another powerful scene when Bernadine realizes Iowa is her home, not Germany, and wants to become a US citizen.

The poignant revelation of the secret is inevitable, but the real story is in the life of Bernadine and the legacy she leaves.

Source: Brighton Publishing LLC
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