BusyKid Honors Its Top Financial Whiz Kids for 2021

PHOENIX--(BUSINESS WIRE)--For the second consecutive year, BusyKid is honoring its "Best of the Best" at using its financial education platform. While many adults struggle to manage money due to a lack of education or experience earlier in life, kids (6-17 years old) get hands-on experience earning, saving, sharing, spending, and investing real money through BusyKid.

This year, BusyKid reviewed about 500 parent nominations and 200,000 children's accounts to find the top kids using the app to build solid account balances, make investments, donate to charities, show the ability to properly manage funds, and for many, use a BusyKid Spend Card wisely. What BusyKid discovered was much, much more.

"To say this class of 'Whiz Kids' took us by surprise would be an understatement," said BusyKid CEO Gregg Murset. "This year we honor kids who are running a business, authored a book, acting as social influencers, investing like pros and managing money perfectly. We have some incredible 'Busy Kids' and I'm extremely proud that our app inspired or assisted them along the way."

By being honored as one of BusyKid's Whiz Kids, each child will have a special badge added to their app dashboard and earn a $100 bonus added to their account.

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"We congratulate all our 'Whiz Kids', as well as their parents, for achieving a high level of financial success through our app," added Murset. "I can only imagine where they will be if they keep building upon this financial success by carrying the lessons they are learning through adulthood."

Since January 1 of this year, kids using the BusyKid app have completed 5.8 million chores, earned $9.6 million, invested more than $866,000 and moved roughly $101,000 for donations. Here are BusyKid's Best of the Best for 2021, which includes 43 kids capturing the honor for a second time (designated with an asterisk). Some children are not listed due to a request from their parents for privacy.

Derrek King*
Colleen McCoy

Cameron Masters

Bella Bozych
Valentina Bozych
Dominic Bozych
Aurelia Brown*
Skye Brown*
Olivia Hall
Quincy Hall
David Steele
John Steele
Caleb Sweatte

Elan Pils*
Alexander Schreurs
Zachary Schreurs
Zoe Schreurs

Daniel Aguilar*
Gabriel Aguilar*
Nicolas Cruz
Rory Doss*
Rowan Moore*
Emersyn Moore*
Annie Rinsema*
Wrigley Rinsema*

Christian Amos*
Carrington Amos*

Bella Kirschner

Zachary Pittman

Cassidy Kodie*
Mackenzie Kodie*

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Dustin Clark
Riley Kiebler

Liliana Harkema
Ailani Riley
Aralynn Riley

Amaya Anderson
Jonah McLean

Gavin Freeman
Antania Pratt

Mason MacDonald*
Ashten MacDonald*

New Jersey
Amelia Flynn*
Colin Flynn*
Kenzie Schiller
Casey Schiller

New York
Simi Aviza*
Zoe Aviza*
Ryan Boone*

North Carolina
Grayson Abernathy*
Prithvi Bhashyam
Pranavi Bhashyam
Franklin Claxton
Mickayla Cobb*
Brinkley Green*
Braxton Green*
Vivian Kirby
Alexander Randazzo
Xander Rose*
Olivia Rose*

Avery Hayes
Riley Hayes*
Hailey Hayes*
Finley Hayes*
Parker Hayes*

Nolan Glaeser*

Kyle Kim
Santiago Martinez
Sofia Martinez

South Carolina
Alyse Campbell
Taryn Campbell
Collins Kemp
Brennan McCarrell
Caden McCarrell

Chris Hunter*

Amelia McDonald
Elanor McDonald

Sutton Holleman
Ava Williams*
Eliana Williams*

Alana Beauchamp-Acosta

Abe Dubin*
Justyn Peterhans*
Morgan Schlesinger*
Jackson Schlesinger*

Ember Kerr
Aidan Kerr


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