CETV Now! Reports Impressive Results for Advertisers, Achieving Major Success Via Commercial Environment TV Campaigns

PHOENIX, March 14, 2023 ~ CETV Now!, a Phoenix-based company providing commercial environment TV advertising services, has reported significant gains for their advertisers in the most recent quarter. Advertisers within the automotive and alcoholic beverage industries have utilized CETV Now! services to exceed key marketing objectives.

Data from the campaigns showed an exceptionally cost-effective investment of about one-half-cent per impression, with hundreds of thousands of geo-relevant impressions achieved. The platform takes a new approach to digital marketing, using cutting-edge technology to deliver tailored video or static ads to consumers in real-time.

Two of the platform's most notable campaigns were based in its home state of Arizona. Coors Light launched a Coors Light WM Open LED promotional campaign targeting the Phoenix area, tailoring the ad content and offering special deals relevant to the Waste Management Phoenix Open (which was taking place during the campaign). The brand delivered tens of thousands of impressions within a highly suitable buying environment for a relatively affordable ad spend.

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Another advertiser focused on restaurants and sports bars throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area, delivering customized ads informing consumers about deals available at local car dealerships during "Chevy Truck Month." At the conclusion of this campaign, data illustrated an exceptionally cost-effective investment of about one-half-cent per impression - with hundreds of thousands of geo-relevant impressions achieved.

CETV Now! has developed a unique strategy similar to real-life social media marketing, allowing brands to reach their customers where they are most likely to be ready to buy. By utilizing digital out-of-home marketing, ads can be displayed in commercial settings like restaurants and retail locations. This ensures that brands can deliver their message at the right time and place, maximizing the chances of conversions at a lower cost compared to traditional TV advertising.

The platform's sophisticated targeting capabilities allow businesses to tailor their campaigns to specific demographics, interests, and behaviors. Additionally, businesses have the flexibility to scale campaigns and reach a larger audience by marketing across multiple placement locations. CETV Now! aims to offer exceptional value for advertising spend by leveraging customizable budgets and next-level precision to reach their target audience through AI and machine learning technology.

For more information about CETV Now!, including additional details about their ad insertion network and opportunities for advertisers and host partners, visit https://www.cetvnow.com/.
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