Cynthia Rothrock stars as Alexa in Vendetta Vette 2020 Mission One

Triumph Donnelly Studios Corporations " Vendetta Vette" (c)" stars global martial artist and movie icon Cynthia Rothrock to play Alexa in upcoming feature in Vendetta Vette Mission One 2020...

TUCSON, Ariz. - Arizonar -- Triumph Donnelly Studios Corporation
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Release: Global martial artist and movie icon, Cynthia Rothrock to play Alexa in the upcoming Vendetta Vette (c) Mission One 2020 feature film. Cynthia Rothrock will play the mentor for Vendetta Vette (c). Triumph Donnelly Studios Corporations 2020 project cast includes, Chase Masterson as Vendetta Vette (c), Nadia Lanfranconi as Warrant (c), Laura Meadows as Rachel and Seira Kagami as Any. Other cast to be cast and included. Directed by action Director Art Camacho, Exec Producer Triumph Donnelly Studios Corporation, Music by Rob Diddy Morrison and Vergua Salt, Vv Fashions by Laura Meadows Fashions LLC, filming locations Arizona and New Mexico in mid 2020.

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Cynthia Rothrock is known globally as the worlds leading global martial artist and action actress, her films have generated great box office revenues for global audiences for the action genre. Cynthia Rothrock was the original action diva and will bring to this project in 2020 her vast martial arts, actions, staged fighting and more for her character Triumph Donnelly Studios Corporation stated...The project is now in neg for finance and distributions.

Cynthia Rothrock action:

Vendetta Vette is now preparing for her first mission in ...
VENDETTA VETTE Mission One 2020, coming late 2020.


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