December 2022 Financial Market Review

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Equity Markets in 2022 - The Year In Review and Looking Ahead

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - Arizonar -- In the beginning of the year, it is valuable to look back at the last month, as well as the last year's economic trends. That's why Trajan Wealth's Chief Investment Officer, Udayan Mitra, CFA has written a review of the investment trends of 2022. By looking at what happened last year, we can make better predictions for what will happen this year.

Key points of the review are:
  • Investors across the board experienced sizeable drawdowns in their investment portfolios
  • The primary determinant was the Federal Reserve Bank's largest annual increase in over three decades
  • Tightening monetary policy and higher interest rates, has brought valuation in the broad asset classes towards their long-term averages
  • The bond market also looks reasonable from a valuation perspective
  • We continue to believe that high global indebtedness poses a distinct refinancing challenge for lower-quality issuers.
  • We advocate a more "active" portfolio management approach
  • We continue to advocate a broadly diversified portfolio based on individual risk-tolerance thresholds

To read the entire review and to learn more about recommendations for your investments, please visit the full December 2022 Financial Market Review.

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About Trajan Wealth:

Trajan Wealth LLC formed in 2012, was founded by CEO Jeff Junior. Prior to his 20+ years in the financial services profession, Jeff Junior was a member of the United States Marine Corps. Jeff continues to serve his clients and employees with the utmost service, respect, and attention to detail. The firm has multiple locations in Arizona, Texas, and Utah. Trajan Wealth is expanding to the Atlanta area in the coming months.

Udayan Mitra, CFA, came to Trajan Wealth with over two decades of experience in the investment management industry. He has held positions as a proprietary trader, senior portfolio manager, Investment Director, and CIO across institutional investment management firms, pension funds, and several large, institutional-class family offices. Udayan earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the London School of Economics and an MBA in Finance from Rice University.

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