Deep analysis of a quirky documentary "Prince of Eurasia: Monotheism and Devils" of the director and executive producer Prince Oak Oakleyski

Prince Oak Oakleyski Pa'PathanKhan Islam Moghul Prince OakleysKi Kandanai Eurasian Oak Emperor Prince Oak Oakleyski Ulama Mufti AkhundMirza Shah Prince Oak Oakleyski Muslim Emir Pa'Pathan Khan Prince Oak Oakleyski Mughal Mullah Mawlawi Oakley
HONG KONG & NEW DELHI - Arizonar -- This nontypical film is a documentary, rather than a docudrama. Its candid realness is beyond docudrama. Most of the scenes are divergent documentations. Prince Oak Oakleyski is not an actor, so he documented forthright realities. He revealed a timeless written history such as the moment he became a reclusive ruler who takes care of religious rules about monotheism. God hinted through some ways to Prince Oakleyski to establish eternally true conceptualizations about monotheistic universalism.

As every matter in the world is made of subatomic particles, the Islamic Eurasian Prince stated that there are innumerable subjects on earth and universe that can't be explained by science. Scientific claims are unable to prove or disprove the existence of God, because God is too far greater than everything. "Humans cannot see God, but it does not mean that He is not living above the sky and universe. God is beyond everything, beyond a wording and beyond human's imagination as well. You just cannot see God directly, however, you can see many majestic manifestations of God's creations such as beautiful planets and aesthetic beauties. God is the greatest owner of everything and every life", Prince Oak asserted.

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As the knowledge about metaphysics was promulgated, Mullah Emperor Oakley implied that 'seeing' is not a root cause of 'believing'. To attain all truths, empirical evidence is needed as well as anecdotal verification. For example, Ulama Prince Oak attested that the smallest nonzero-mass particle (aka neutrino) physically exists in reality but appear to be 'invisible' in many forms, mimicking a void abstraction or nothingness to human perception. Meanwhile, human cognition can logically cognize that there are things in microscopic and 'unseeable dimensions' in which they can be physically powerful, for instance, human can't use the sense of sight to glimpse air molecules and kinetic energy of strong winds.

In many nonfiction movies, spirits and ghosts exist but can't be normally seen by human's bare eye. Prince Oakleyski inferred that materialism [under the physicalism umbrella term] should be regarded as a lesser importance than spiritualism wherein all physical things are destructible, while souls are immortal. Concrete or tactile materialism is also a subset of tangible appellations of the Mughal Prince Oak whose natural title is "Prince of Eurasia" which can be alternatively spelt as "الأمير أوك من أوراسيا Seyyid Akhundmirza Mufti Emir Pa'PathanKhan", "ท่านเจ้าชายพี่โอ๊ค แห่งยูเรเซีย อุลามาอฺ ท่านเจ้าอาจารย์โอ๊คอิสลาม" or "Принц Евразии", while the uppermost true monotheism is Islam. Based on the real idea of non-imaginative realness, Prince Oak is the Eurasian emperor of his monotheistic documentary movie empire for God's sake. One God, one humanity, and one religion are fundamentally the utmost truth about the oneness of God.

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original source; Prince Oakleyski Eurasia organization's social media

Source: Prince Oakleyski Eurasia

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