Doctors for Cannabis Regulation Rebrands as Doctors for Drug Policy Reform

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DFCR expands its mission beyond cannabis reform and advocacy to include psychedelics and more

WASHINGTON - Arizonar -- Doctors for Cannabis Regulation (DFCR), the global voice for physicians and other health professionals to advance the legalization and science-based regulation of cannabis, announced its rebrand under a new name, Doctors for Drug Policy Reform (D4DPR). Board members voted on the expansion to allow the organization to address a wider range of drug policy issues beyond cannabis, making room for more inclusivity and collaboration.

With the focus of the newly-rebranded organization now opened to advocating for more drug policies beyond cannabis, yet still grounded in empirical evidence, public health, racial justice, equity, and human rights, D4DPR is now able to reach a broader community of health professionals, policymakers, researchers and more.

"For the past century, the punitive approach to drug use has caused enormous harm to public health. Doctors for Drug Policy Reform is the natural progression of our organization's efforts to provide a clear voice to physicians and other medical professionals working to change these laws, providing access to medications and other interventions with proven therapeutic benefits," said DFCR/D4DPR Board President Bryon Adinoff.

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With an expanded mission in place, D4DPR's goals are centered around maximizing health and wellness, harm reduction, cannabis and psychedelics, all rooted in D4DPR's organizing principles. Some of those principles include:
  • Supporting the research and review of drug policies to verify their effectiveness, adapting policies as new evidence emerges.
  • Promoting interventions and treatments for individuals experiencing problematic drug use that are evidence-based, reduce harm, and provide the resources necessary to maintain health and safety.
  • Fostering education and prevention efforts to ensure that our patients and the public are provided unbiased information regarding the potential benefits and harms of all drugs, including effective prevention education for minors.
  • Collaborating at the international level to change global drug policies.
  • Repairing the harm to marginalized communities and public health caused by past support of physicians for the War on Drugs.
"DFCR has made great strides toward the evidence-based regulation of cannabis as an alternative to the failed policy of prohibition. Even before our launch in 2016, I looked forward to the day when we could expand our scope to also focus on destigmatizing psychedelics and tackling the more nuanced issue of harm reduction. That day is today, and we're proud to continue our work under the banner of Doctors for Drug Policy Reform," said DFCR Founder David Nathan.

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On the psychedelics side, the organization will leverage the expertise of current board member and lawyer Adriana Kertzer. As the founder and principal at Plant Medicine Law Group, a law firm focused on psychedelic infrastructure, Adriana brings a wealth of knowledge of the space to D4DPR and will draw on her network to identify new board members and new committees.

Mindful of its newly evolved vision, D4DPR invites other drug policy experts, medical professionals and advocates from around the world to serve as resources to support the principles of the organization and/or lend financial support to help the organization achieve its goals. Those interested in fostering more informed discussions around drug policy reform, advocating for evidence-based approaches to all substances, and supporting access to harm reduction services are encouraged to reach out to

About Doctors for Drug Policy Reform, formerly known as Doctors for Cannabis Regulation

D4DPR serves as the global voice for licensed health professionals advocating for science-based drug policies and best practices that advance public health, reduce stigma, and minimize harm. Through education and advocacy efforts, we leverage the influence and expertise of the medical community to realize the legislative changes necessary to promote improved public health, social justice, and consumer protections. For more information, please visit

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Source: Doctors for Drug Policy Reform

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