~ Dr. Martens, the iconic footwear brand, has launched its latest collection, the Genix Nappa, made from reclaimed leather from Gen Phoenix, the world's first sustainable recycled leather company at scale. This innovative collection aims to tackle waste by rescuing leather offcuts that would otherwise end up in landfills and using them to create a soft yet durable new material.

The collaboration between Dr. Martens and Gen Phoenix was made possible through the use of Gen Phoenix's groundbreaking technology. This technology breaks down waste leather to the fibre level and then rebuilds it into a premium and durable recycled material using recycled water.

John Kennedy, Chief Executive Officer of Gen Phoenix, expressed his excitement about this partnership, stating that it is proof that heritage brands can implement circular models without compromising the integrity of their products. He also believes that this collaboration will bring high-quality and responsibly-made shoes to the market for everyone to enjoy.

Both Dr. Martens and Gen Phoenix share a commitment to creating durable and long-lasting products. This shared value is one of the reasons why Dr. Martens chose Gen Phoenix as its strategic material partner for this collection.

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The new Genix Nappa material is redefining strength by offering wearers a more sustainable alternative to traditional leather. It has a lower carbon impact than traditional leather and is specially engineered to be just as durable, comfortable, and long-lasting as the original Dr. Martens' iconic styles.

The process of creating this new material involves taking leather offcuts from tanneries and putting them through Gen Phoenix's proprietary process. The process separates the leather fibres before re-entangling them into a roll of re-engineered reclaimed leather, which is then used to manufacture the footwear. The result is a material that contains over 50% waste leather.

Not only is this process environmentally responsible – powered by 100% renewable electricity and with 95% water recycling – but it also enables circular material production on a large scale. Both brands have a focus on sustainability through longevity, and Gen Phoenix is proud to support Dr. Martens in its journey towards creating durable and lower-impact footwear for a more sustainable future.

The Genix Nappa collection will feature remakes of Dr. Martens' best-selling original footwear, including the 1460 Lace-Up Boot, 1461 3-Eye Shoe, and 2976 Chelsea Boot. The collection will be available for purchase on March 26th, 2024, on the Dr. Martens website.

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Tuze Mekik Arguedas Schwank, Global Head of Sustainability at Dr. Martens, shared the brand's commitment to lower impact and long-lasting footwear. She stated that circular business models are one of the sustainability challenges of today and that Genix Nappa is an example of how waste can be a valuable resource.

Adam Meek, Chief Product Officer at Dr. Martens, also expressed his excitement about this new collection and the brand's journey towards creating a more sustainable future. He highlighted the innovation behind this new material and how they have ensured that it does not compromise the durability that Dr. Martens is known for.

This launch in partnership with Gen Phoenix demonstrates both brands' shared commitment to sustainability and follows Dr. Martens' strategic investment in Gen Phoenix in 2023. This also marks Gen Phoenix's second partnership with a heritage fashion brand after supporting Coach's first circular sub-brand launch last April.

In conclusion, the launch of the Genix Nappa collection by Dr. Martens showcases their dedication to creating sustainable products without compromising quality or style. This collaboration with Gen Phoenix highlights the potential for circular business models in the fashion industry and sets an example for other brands to follow in their journey towards sustainability.
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