Estate Planning: Safeguarding Your Summer Season and Beyond

Estate Planning: Summer Safeguard
A proper estate plan provides the peace of mind needed to enjoy summer.

PHOENIX - Arizonar -- While the anticipation of a summer trip is part of the joy, travel is inherently risky. Unexpected events can happen—be prepared. An updated estate plan ensures your loved ones are taken care of and your affairs are in order, alleviating personal stress and providing clarity to those who matter most.

Key Elements of Estate Planning: Your Summer Checklist

1. Current Living Trust.
A trust ensures your assets are distributed according to your wishes outside of court. A will is where you designate legal guardians for minor children should something happen to both parents. Both tools detail how you want your property and finances handled and who will care for loved ones in your absence.

2. Health Care Power of Attorney and Directive. This identifies who has the legal authority to make medical decisions on your behalf if you're incapacitated. A health care directive or living will specify your medical treatment preferences if you're unable to communicate them, guiding loved ones and medical professionals in decisions that align with your values.

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3. General Power of Attorney. Appoint a trusted person to manage your day-to-day financial affairs on your behalf. A durable general power of attorney ensures that someone can manage your affairs, pay bills, and make critical decisions if you're incapacitated.

4. Beneficiary Designations. Review and update beneficiary information on life insurance policies and retirement accounts so your assets go to the intended recipients without getting tied up in probate court.

The Peace of Mind Factor
An estate plan provides peace of mind, letting you focus on vacation, knowing your loved ones are protected and your wishes will be honored. Our estate planning attorneys employ proven legal strategies and processes to efficiently guide you through the necessary steps. This summer, carve out time for estate planning.

About Trajan Wealth

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Trajan Wealth, LLC was founded in 2012 by CEO Jeff Junior. Before his 20+ years in the financial services profession, Jeff served in the United States Marine Corps. He continues to serve his clients and employees with service, respect, and attention to detail.

By using low-cost, diversified portfolios under its fiduciary standard and working closely with investment advisors and estate attorneys within one office, the company provides long-term support for client's retirement needs and estate plans, including wealth accumulation and tax planning strategies. The firm has locations across Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Utah, and Illinois. Schedule a complimentary consultation at or 1 (800) 838-3079.

Disclaimer: *Advisory services are offered through Trajan® Wealth L.L.C., an SEC-registered investment advisor. Legal services are offered through ​Trajan® Estate, L.L.C. ​in Arizona and Utah, and independent law firms in other states.

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