'Girl, We Need To Talk': Host Charity Bailey Normalizes Conversations About Grief with Web Series

This holiday season, Charity Bailey hopes to inspire viewers to normalize conversations surrounding grief.

PHOENIX - Arizonar -- In the midst of what will be a holiday season filled with many experiencing grief, media host and national television host Charity Bailey has launched a new web series titled, 'Girl, We Need To Talk', an eight episode series of open, vulnerable, transparent conversations with her loved ones about their diverse experiences with grief.

"Girl, We Need To Talk is a labor love that was birthed out of my grief," shares the creator and executive producer Charity Bailey. In 2018, the national television host was faced with the untimely death of her father Lamar Bailey, which left her with several unanswered questions to explore. With the reality of grief being a taboo topic, Bailey hopes to inspire viewers to normalize conversations surrounding grief so they can also begin their own healing journeys.

In her healing, she confidently states, "It was the women in her life that held me up," also included in the show's introduction recounting Bailey's experiences which inspired her to create the series. The series created for women by woman, features conversations with her younger sisters, mother, sister-friends, and therapist.

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Season One, 'Happy Healthy, Whole' features the following episodes:
  • Episode 1: You're Not Alone: Navigating Grief with Therapy
  • Episode 2: Sister, Sister: Forever Connected Through Love
  • Episode 3: Dear Mama, Part I: A Mother's Love and Sacrifice
  • Episode 4: Dear Mama, Part II: Forever Our Heroes
  • Episode 5: Daddy's Girls: Gone But Never Forgotten
  • Episode 6: Sister Circle: Healing Invisible Wounds
  • Episode 7: Battling My Body: Learning to Love and Honor Her (Releases 12/2)
  • Episode 8: Love Is: A Self-Care Journey (Releases 12/9)
The show's one-minute trailer can be viewed here.

In the series, the conversations dive deep into topics such as the five steps of grief, therapy as a resource, mental health awareness including suicide and addiction awareness, domestic violence awareness, the invisible wounds such as divorce and marriage parenthood issues, and Bailey's loss of more than 100 pounds since May 2020. Since the launch of the project in October, the project has captured thousands of views, with several viewers sharing how the transparency of the episodes have positively impacted them and pushed them to take action.

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The series is available to watch at the 'Ms. Charity Bailey' YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/charitybailey. New episodes are released on Wednesdays. Bailey is also hosting an Instagram talkback series, "How's Your Heart" on Fridays at 7pm MST to unpack the week's episode with special guests.

About Charity Bailey
Charity Bailey is a national television host, media personality, seasoned journalist, and now creator and executive producer of 'Girl, We Need to Talk' (@girlweneedtotalkshow). With over 12 years of industry experience, she specializes in a unique brand of storytelling that educates and inspires the masses. Follow @mscharitybailey across all social media.

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