Goal Achieved: Colossal Raises Over $28.9 Million for Charities, Making a Monumental Impact in 2023

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Following up on an 'allocation of funds' report this past January, Colossal releases its final 2023 fundraising amount, bringing its lifetime total to $39.6+ million.

PHOENIX, April 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- After setting an ambitious goal in 2022 of raising $20 million for charities in 2023, Colossal Management, a nationally registered professional fundraiser, proudly announces its remarkable achievement in surpassing that goal by raising over $28.9 million for charities through its online competitions, bringing its lifetime total to over $39.6 million. This significant milestone solidifies Colossal's commitment to philanthropy and community engagement, furthering its mission to effect positive change on a colossal scale.

Since its inception, Colossal has been dedicated to leveraging the power of online competitions to drive charitable contributions, and 2023 saw unparalleled success in this endeavor. Through various engaging competitions, Colossal mobilized communities, empowered participants, and raised substantial funds directed toward impactful initiatives across diverse sectors.

"We are thrilled to unveil the remarkable impact achieved through our fundraising efforts in 2023," said Mary Hagen, CEO of Colossal. "The generosity and dedication of competitors and their supporters, and our partners have enabled us to make a tangible difference in the lives of countless individuals and communities."

The announcement follows up on an Allocation of Funds report released this January. Some highlights from the last quarter include:

Fab Over 40
  • Benefiting National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF)
  • Guest appearance: Dolores Catania
  • 2023 grant amount: $9+ million
  • Dollars raised since 2022: $17.2+ million

In 2023, Colossal raised over $9 million through the Fab Over 40 competition, supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) and its critical programs focused on education, detection, navigation, and survivor support. Colossal is one of the greatest benefactors of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, raising $17,221,770.10 for grants provided by DTCare to the organization in two years. With the 2022 grant, NBCF facilitated over 182,000 breast cancer screenings, provided education to over 9,000 women, delivered over 11,000 mammograms, and supported over 81,000 patients through navigation services.

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"We are immensely grateful to Colossal and its participants for their unwavering support," said Mandy O'Neill, senior vice president of development at NBCF. "Together, we have made a profound impact on the lives of countless women affected by breast cancer, providing vital resources and support services."

Greatest Baker
  • Benefiting Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation
  • Presented by: Buddy Valastro
  • 2023 grant amount: $2.2+ million
  • Dollars raised since 2022: $3.8+ million

Through the Greatest Baker competition, Colossal raised over $2.2 million in support of the B+ Foundation, providing crucial assistance to families of children battling cancer in the United States.

"Your generosity has LITERALLY been life-changing for our families of kids with cancer.  As someone who lived in the PICU for 167 days while my child fought for his life, I can tell you firsthand that the financial help that you enable us to provide not only pays critical bills but also throws a lifeline to these families. You show them that someone 'out there' cares about them and that they are loved," said Joe McDonough, president of B+ Foundation. "You lessen the financial burden so they can focus on what is truly most important, the life or death battle of their child. Can you imagine being in the hospital and getting an eviction notice? Or your power turned off? Or being told your child needs a particular medicine, but the insurance company won't cover it because it's deemed 'experimental?' All kids should have an equal chance of beating their cancer and getting a chance to grow up…regardless of their parents' income. And, you make this possible."

Bar Boss
  • Benefiting Kind Campaign
  • Presented by: Dos Hombres
  • Guest Appearance: Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston
  • 2023 grant amount: $2.2+ million

Colossal's inaugural Bar Boss competition raised over $2.2 million for the Kind Campaign, a renowned nonprofit dedicated to addressing and alleviating the pervasive issue of girl-against-girl bullying. Founded by Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson in 2009, Kind Campaign has emerged as a global leader in the fight against bullying through various initiatives. The funds will enable Kind Campaign to provide free school programming, including assemblies and curriculum, to underserved communities, impacting thousands of lives.

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Supreme Sneakerhead
  • Benefiting Oceana
  • Guest Appearance: Jeff Goldblum
  • 2023 grant amount: $729,000+

Through the Supreme Sneakerhead competition, Colossal raised over $729,000 in support of Oceana's vital campaigns for science-based policies in 2023. This significant contribution is poised to make a substantial impact in 2024, supporting Oceana's initiatives aimed at halting overfishing, safeguarding marine habitats, increasing transparency, protecting the climate, addressing plastic pollution, and saving endangered species like the North Atlantic right whale.

"We've won over 275 victories for the oceans, and this impressive contribution will help Oceana secure more policy wins to protect and restore the world's oceans," said Andrew Sharpless, Oceana CEO.

Looking ahead, with upcoming competitions such as America's Favorite Pet, Favorite Chef, Super Mom, and America's Favorite Teacher, Colossal continues to offer extraordinary experiences for participants while making a monumental impact on charities worldwide.

For more information about Colossal Management and its impactful initiatives, visit www.colossal.org.

About Colossal
Colossal is a nationally registered professional fundraiser that inspires people to advocate for themselves and those in need. Through online competitions, participants have the opportunity to make their mark while also making a big impact. Colossal competitions serve as fundraising campaigns for DTCare, a United States 501(c)(3) public charity organization, which then grants donation funds to specified charities at the completion of the competitions. Learn more at colossal.org. Who's Next?

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