Governor Hobbs Visits Arizona Border for Second Time In First 100 Days of Her Administration

This release was originally sent on February 28, 2023

PHOENIX— On Monday, Governor Hobbs visited Yuma, San Luis and Somerton for a tour of the border, along with meetings with U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents, local officials, farmers, and migrant health care providers. This is the Governor's second visit to the border in her first 100 days in office, highlighting how the Governor is standing by her inaugural promise to work with leaders in border communities.

"As I promised in my State of the State Address, I'm reaching out to leaders in border communities, " said Governor Katie Hobbs. "My administration is listening not only to local law enforcement in impacted communities, but community members, health care providers and our farmers and agricultural industry. The conversations I've had have been eye opening and informative and I'm ready to take what I've heard and get to work on identifying real solutions, hold the federal government accountable, and create a safe Arizona for all residents."

The Governor will hold a media availability today at 1:30pm to discuss details of the trip. Contact [email protected] for details.

See below for more details on the Governor's trip:

San Luis Commercial Port of Entry and ADOT Tour

The Governor visited ADOT and the San Luis Commercial Port of Entry in order to observe the infrastructure and trade aspects of the Port of Entry and how ADOT, GSA, and U.S Customs work together to facilitate trade. Given the complex nature of trade and commerce issues along the southern border, this tour gave Governor Hobbs first hand awareness of specific opportunities and challenges at the San Luis Commercial Port of Entry. Additionally, the Governor met with Captain Andrew Orozco - ADOT Enforcement and Compliance Division, Guadalupe Ramirez Jr. - Director of Field Operations, and John A. Schwamm - U.S. Customs and Border Protection Port Director.

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Governor Hobbs receives a briefing from Customs and Border Protection Officials at the San Luis Commercial Port of Entry.

San Luis I Land Port of Entry

The San Luis I LPOE is the westernmost Arizona port near the California border and is the primary crossing location for farm workers transported to agricultural fields daily across Yuma County. The port processes approximately 3 million vehicles and 2.5 million pedestrians each year. The Governor toured the port of entry alongside Director of Field Operations (DFO) Guadalupe Ramirez and Area Port Director (PD) John Schwamm to gain a better understanding of port operations and future expansion plans.

Governor Hobbs receives a tour of the San Luis Pedestrian Port of Entry from John A. Schwamm, U.S. Customs and Border Protection Port Director.

Morales Dam

Last Spring, DHS announced the Yuma Morelos Dam Project, to close four gaps located within a former Department of Defense border barrier project. The project includes areas along the Colorado River that contain temporary infrastructure put in place by the State of Arizona. CBP began construction last month and the project is anticipated for completion in Summer 2023. The gap closures will tie into already existing infrastructure in the area. The U.S. Border Patrol has a strong partnership with the State of Arizona and will continue to work collaboratively to expand its deployments of infrastructure, technology, and personnel. Governor Hobbs met with Chief Patrol Agent Patricia McGurk-Daniel, the new Yuma Sector Chief and her staff for updates on the construction project at Morales Dam to close the gap in the border wall, US Border Patrols plans and actions regarding the expiration of title 42 and to discuss the reduction in border crossing.

Governor Hobbs receives a briefing on the border wall gaps from Chief Patrol Agent Patricia McGurk-Daniel.

Local Leaders Roundtable

This was a listening session regarding the unique concerns and opportunities the Yuma region has, including the border, migration, water, agriculture, and economic development in the region. The Governor met with Yuma Mayor Douglas Nicholls, Cocopah Indian Tribe Chairwoman Sherry Cordova, Fort Yuma, Quechan Tribe President Joaquin Jordan, Yuma County Board of Supervisors Chairman Martin Porchas, City of San Luis Mayor Nieves Riedel, City of Somerton Mayor Gerardo Anaya, and Town of Wellton Mayor Scott Blitz.

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Governor Hobbs meets with local leaders from around Yuma, including Yuma Mayor Doug Nicholls.

Yuma Farmers Roundtable

Yuma County is one of the top agricultural producers in the state, with crops like lettuce, cotton, and citrus contributing significantly to the local economy. Governor Hobbs' administration asked for this roundtable to build trust and relationships with Yuma farmers as Arizona and the lower basin states work towards agreements for water cuts on the Colorado River that will affect the future water supply in this region. By meeting with the farmers, the Governor gained firsthand knowledge of issues like water conservation, labor shortages, and market trends, and how she can work with the farmers to develop policies that promote sustainable growth and support the industry's long-term success.

Governor Hobbs meets with Yuma farmers and executives of Yuma based produce companies.

Campesinos Sin Fronteras

The Governor went on a tour of Campesinos Sin Fronteras to gain an understanding of the issues farmworkers and low and moderate income migrants face with access to health, behavioral health, social services, housing rehabilitation, counseling, education and workforce development. Campesinos Sin Fronteras focuses on self-sufficiency and a healthy community and creates programs to reduce the risk of health and social vulnerability and the associated cost to taxpayers. Their programs help individuals and families, offering an escape from the cycle of poverty and disease.

Governor Hobbs and the staff members of Campesinos Sin Fronteras, including Executive Director Emma Torres (right of Governor Hobbs).

Regional Center for Border Health

The Governor finished her day with a tour of the Regional Center for Border Health alongside Amanda Aguirre, President and CEO of the Center, to get an understanding from local healthcare providers about challenges with managing care for migrant families and providing access to critical care.

Governor Hobbs and the President and CEO of the Regional Center for Border Health Amanda Aguirre.

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