Hartford Assurance / Trumbell Served Small Claims Notice for Failing to Refund Customer

Hartford Assurance /Trumbell has failed to refund an overdue refund of $869.69 to a insured after violating several states insurance laws...

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Triumph Donnelly Studios Corporation Legal has served Hartford Assurance a Demand for Refund Letter on September 26, 2023 for failing to refund $869.69 to an insured after the insured in South Carolina cancelled said policy for violating several insurance laws and rules in CT, SC & CA. Hartford Assurance has threatened the past insured to pay $17.69 or be subjected to collections. Insured paid $869,.69 as Hartford Assurance confirmed by the excellent payment ledger from the insured and is due a full refund of $869.69 for violating insurance laws involving increasing, threats, harassment for the no claims filed excellent paying insured. Hartford Assurance has refused to communicate form their legal counsel David Robinson , their CEO Christopher J. Swift and their so called legal customer service.

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Hartford Assurance /Trumbell has until September 28, 2023 to refund the full amount to the past insured or be subject to a Small Claims suit for compensatory damages, failure to refund, injunctive relief, additional damages as the court deems fair and just with court and legal fees imposed . Any insured or past customers of this company did not receive a refund contact our office for a Class Action suit to protect other insured or past insured from Hartford Assurance abuse and threats to consumers,

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