Has Arizona Innovative Workforce Solutions Provided New Hope For Maryvale?

The helping hand that grabs hold of someone in need as financial economic support diminishes.

PHOENIX - Arizonar -- By: Liam Westra of British News Sole Corp

"Geography has made us neighbors. History has made us friends. Economics has made us partners, and necessity has made us allies." - John F. Kennedy

In a time of disparity many are reaching out for more governmental support. As capital hill reports the expiration of Covid-19 pandemic emergency funding; how will Americans cope that still rely on those resources? Some in the workforce claim that companies do not pay enough in order to survive, and so many decide not to work until that issue has a remedy. But inflation continues to rise according to the U.S. Labor Department data reported in May 2023. An inflation rate of 4.9 percent across the United States has many Americans on edge, but the city of Phoenix say's it has an agenda to get Arizonans back to work. A remolded work service facility had a grand opening on May 19, 2023, and now has the room to provide employment support for up to 410 people at a time. But is that enough space for the remolded location in Maryvale? According to the data received by Point To Inc, the population of Maryvale is 224.430; with 99,100 employed, and that leaves 125,330 not employed. The Mayor of Phoenix replied," the main agenda is to get people back to work." In the year of 2021, the city of Phoenix profited $241 million of shared income tax revenues according to the tax report by Internal Revenue Service. The Arizona At Work program offers public classes, the opportunity to receive credentials, certifications, and customized employer recruitments. The youth program WIOA offers ages from 16 to 24; the chance to gain leadership skills, apprenticeships, and tutoring. The staff with open arms accepts educational dropouts, and previous offenders. An established refugee that needs help with finding a job is also welcomed.

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