Has It Gotten Too Sunny In Sun City?

A paradise of palm trees, beautiful landscaping, and year round pools.

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"Arizona is gorgeous. The sunshine in Arizona is gorgeous red." - Cecilia Bartoli

There are destinations around the world that are mouth dropping in beauty, and many people say that the state of Arizona is one of them. On February 24th of the year of 1863 congress passed the Arizona Organic Act. This act established the new state of Arizona by dividing the state of New Mexico. This act was enacted so the Native American inhabitants of New Mexico could be relocated in a new territory for settlement, and to dissolve forced servitude. Coolweather.com temperature records in Arizona reported that in 1896 the hottest year record was at 63.92 degrees. The year of 2020 hottest year record was 107.9 degrees says Azcentral news media. Caitlin Ochs of BuzzFeed news proclaimed in a research news report that the state of Arizona is in a water crisis. Will the Arizona paradise return back to a barren desert? The University of Arizona has partnered with the Biosphere 2 project in North Tucson to try to remedy these issues. A Band called Dashade Music has made an anthem for the state of Arizona called Sun City. A new Arizona initiative for 2022, and 2023 is the 500+ plan. It's a plan to add over 500,000 acre feet of water to Lake Mead. Will this help a constant rise of temperature in the Arizona inhabited desert? Will Arizona become a state that has a season of summer all year long? Monica Garcia of Az Family news media proclaimed that Phoenix will be unlivable by the end of this century.

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"The mission of Biosphere 2 is to advance our understanding of the natural and human-made environment through unique research and experimentation, interdisciplinary science training and education, and leadership in initiatives that address the grand challenges to sustaining Earth systems and quality of life." - Biosphere 2


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