Homeowners Avoid Common Moving Mistakes with Tips from PODS® Tucson

TUCSON, Ariz. - Arizonar -- Moving across the country can be an arduous task. Not only are there mountains of items to go through from room to room, but there is the ongoing concern of how to get to where you're going and what moving companies to trust with your belongings. PODS® Tucson is here to help you with moving to your new home.

Here are five convenient PODS Tucson approved tips to help get you started:
  1. Don't procrastinate – We've all been there! Procrastinating can add unnecessary stress to an already stressful situation. Plan ahead, take it day by day, and give yourself a realistic timeframe to gather your belongings and get to your new home.
  1. Do your homework – Reliable movers are hard to come by. Make sure you research which movers are best for you by checking reviews and comparing quotes to ensure your items don't end up on the opposite side of the country without you.
  1. Clean and clear – Make sure to declutter and purge before heading to your new home, and don't forget to clean the things you are packing to keep that new home fresh and clean.
  1. Easy does it – Moving too quickly during a relocation can catch up to you. Take your time to ensure all your valuable belongings are accounted for and packed away properly. Moving is a marathon, not a sprint. Take your time.
  1. Packaging and organization – Before you start packing up your home, make a list of important packing and organizational items to create a streamlined moving experience. Packing tape and boxes in every size are a must and don't forget about the bubble cushioning for those delicate items to eliminate any breakage.
PODS Phoenix has some cost-effective moving and storage solutions to get you on the way:
  • Convenience – We bring your PODS container right to your driveway so you can access it when you need it.
  • Efficiency – Let us do the driving so you can focus on packing up your home. Then, we'll meet you at your new home with your belongings.
  • Flexible Solutions – No matter the size of your move, PODS Tucson has a flexible solution that can accommodate your moving and storage needs.
"Packing up your home and moving across the country isn't without its stressors," Tommy Townson, Location Manager for PODS Tucson. "With our local moving specialists, we can provide a wide variety of flexible solutions to get you where you're going without the hiccups."

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