Huge Increase in U.S. Carjackings Results in an 800% Increase in Armoring

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Armormax a Utah Company has Opened Up 2 Additional Production Facilities.

SALT LAKE CITY - Arizonar -- ARMORMAX®️ announced today the demand for armoring from U.S. clients has increased more than 800%. This increase is a result of the violent increase in carjackings and random acts of violence in the United States this past year,  As a result of this armoring demand, Armormax®️ has opened two additional armoring facilities here in Utah, one in Salt Lake City and an additional one in Ogden.

In a recent CBS News report, violent carjackings are "skyrocketing, with a number of large cities reporting over 300% increase over 2019".  Cities like Minneapolis had over 320% increase, New Orleans 150%, New York City 141%.  Chicago alone has had over 1,400 carjackings thus far in 2020 (more than double 2019).  Officer Brendon Dinahan, Chicago's Chief of Detectives, attributes the rise in these violent acts  "a result of the pandemic and civil unrest that has occurred over the past year."

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The most popular armoring packages being purchased for the United States is glass and door protection against high powered handguns.  This package can be installed on virtually any vehicle model and starts at $28,500.  This package provides a peace of mind against random acts of violence that may occur while being in the wrong  place at the wrong time.  With Armormax®️ proprietary lightweight armor, only 400 - 450 lbs is added to the vehicle.  The full armoring package ("Presidential" includes the entire passenger compartment) in this handgun protection level starts at $58,500.  There are a few U.S. customers that are purchasing the high powered rifle protection which starts at $72,000 and can go to over $150,000.  All this is done while maintaining the vehicle's original appearance and close to the original performance.  These prices do not include the cost of the vehicle.

Armormax®️ CEO Mark Burton has indicated "demand for armoring here in Utah typically comes from countries like Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, Brazil etc. whereas during 2020: 80% of the total Utah production has come from U.S. clients.  In years past only 1 out of 20 vehicles armored in Utah was for the U.S. market".  Based on current inquiries 2021, demand for armored vehicles appears to be even greater than 2020.

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ARMORMAX®️  has manufacturing and service facilities in numerous countries (Nigeria, South Africa, Ukraine, Philippines, UAE, etc.) and has armored over 10,000 vehicles. These include vehicles for 47 different foreign presidents and heads of state and have been sent to over 60 different countries. Governments, subcontractors, militaries, international corporations, religious leaders, vehicle manufacturers, and other individuals use ARMORMAX®️  vehicles.

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