It's Never Too Late to Live a Dream

An independent film company and a local church set out to make a feature film. Against the odds and without significant funding, they made and distributed the film.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - Arizonar -- Two decades of dreaming, five years of writing and rewriting, and two years of creating have all culminated in the release of All The Dragons, a feature film from Huck&Dorothy and Church For The Nations, distributed by Indie Rights Management, on streaming platforms.

"The release of All The Dragons is the fulfillment of over twenty years of preparing and training, born out in the creation of this deep, meaningful story," says Carissa Dalton, co-writer, director, and star of the film, and co-founder of Huck&Dorothy, an entertainment-story company. "To see the film finally available for bigger audiences is humbly and exciting.

All The Dragons is a story that reminds the audience it's never too late to live your dreams.

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When her son is bullied at school and her husband's career stalls, May retreats to her childhood home to confront her traumatic past and find the freedom to live out her dreams.

As a wife and mother, May's life has hit a wall. The answer is for her to go back to her roots. What she finds waiting for her are long-buried dreams and unresolved issues.

She discovers a friend from the past hasn't been able to shake the shared trauma.

She learns her father is a stronger, more compassionate man than she remembered.

And she reconnects with her son while uncovering long-discarded joys.

Through pain and a bit of humor, May faces her past, embraces her gifts, and sets out to mend the damaged areas of life so she and her family can live whole lives and fulfill her lifelong dream.

"Over eight weeks in the spring of 2021," says Christopher F. Dalton, co-writer and producer of the film, and co-founder of Huck&Dorothy, "a team from Church For The Nations, and the community, leant their talent, money, skills, dedication, and prayers to producing the dramatic feature film."

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By incorporating professionals and aspiring filmmakers, the vision was twofold: to create a beautiful film and to allow artists and artisans to work on a feature film—an unrealized desire for most who took part in the process.

"This film and our company are centered on giving audiences well-told stories with heart," says Christopher, "as well as opening doors for storytellers to work and use their gifts and talents."

"This film was a long time coming," says Carissa. "Now we can watch it impact lives all over the world.

All The Dragons is available now on through Indie Rights Films. Visit their website for more information about the film, Huck&Dorothy, and Christopher and Carissa Dalton.

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