Jason Halbert Exits Apollo Health Products to Expand 3Back Group

Jason Halbert, Co-Founder & CEO 3Back Group
NEW YORK - Arizonar -- Dr. Jason Halbert, founder of Apollo Health Products and former Snap Inc. (Snapchat) executive, exits Apollo Health Products ahead of an anticipated deal with a California-based investment group in order to expand 3Back Group, an influential behavioral science-focused consulting firm.

Since its 2020 inception, Apollo has destigmatized sexual health and other issues affecting daily life while providing patients all over the country with remote, on-demand access to doctors at the patient's convenience. With the ownership of Triad Rx, an independent community pharmacy located on the Gulf Coast, the company has kept pharmaceutical costs low while providing fast, discreet deliveries to patients.

"I'm grateful to have built this platform with such talented co-founders…and I am confident they will take the company to new heights," Dr. Halbert adds. "This experience has educated me a lot about telemedicine and will better equip our consulting company to influence some of the nation's leading startups."

Co-Founder and CEO Jason Halbert will use the entrepreneurial experience to position his consulting company, 3Back Group, to more effectively shape and influence today's hyper-growth tech companies.

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Dr. Halbert discussed the unique opportunities supporting companies with consulting services in today's economic environment. "Although we're experiencing an economic downturn, crash periods, such as this one, are when some of the best companies are born."

"Strong leaders emerge when stress and pressure are at their highest," explains Dr. Halbert. "And this creates an environment where the best decisions are made given the right support and thought partnership."

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Pickle Robot, one of 3Back's Boston-based clients, has demonstrated how innovation continues to grow in a resource-constrained environment. Taking notice of Pickle's ingenuity, 3Back made a Series A investment in Pickle Robot as the company implemented new technologies to improve distribution and supply-chain management.

Dr. Halbert is energized by an increase in the demand for 3Back's analysts and research team to build psychological profiles for clients making critical decisions. Venture capital firms want to know the motivational levers of founders before they deploy capital during this macroeconomic crisis, and are beginning to understand this step is critical before investing in any startup.

Dr. Halbert noted the importance for venture capitalists to develop a deep understanding of the founders and executive teams of potential investment targets.

"If you're going to invest 50M into a company, take the time to execute a psychological profile in order to assess the beliefs, values, and inclinations of executives managing the company before allocating capital."

Additionally, founders and executives are using our profiles for making critical decisions around key hires that will shape their company. Dr. Halbert added, "We feel the pull for consultation around fundraising strategy and are excited to partner with emerging companies and venture capital firms shaping the world today."

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This year, 3Back played a key role in helping Luminous Computing raise $105M in venture capital to build the world's most powerful AI supercomputer. 3Back also helped Pickle Robot raise $26M for its truck unloading robots to optimize fulfillment centers.

Dr. Halbert also emphasized the role of having a kinetic people operations team as companies navigate the economic downturn, noting the tremendous pressure executive teams face as organizations downsize, cut costs, and lose top talent.

"At 3Back, we partner well with companies who desire to optimize people operations. We highlight inefficiencies and ineffective practices that need to be eliminated or shaped into more empirical processes. The companies typically see an immediate impact on talent acquisition and culture, and save money as well."

Dr. Halbert was recently appointed to the advisory board of 8090 Partners, a global investment partnership of next-generation family offices that combines industry-leading expertise, capital, and networks to back transformative technology companies. The firm has invested upwards of $200M in more than a dozen technology companies throughout healthcare, energy, finance, and artificial intelligence.

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