Kicking Off Another Summer of Record-Breaking Temperatures with the Warming Stripes

WASHINGTON, June 20, 2024 ~ As the United States prepares for another summer of record-breaking heat, people and organizations around the world are coming together to raise awareness about the urgent issue of climate change. This year, on June 20th, known as Show Your Stripes Day, there will be a collective effort to display the warming stripes on public spaces and iconic landmarks globally.

The warming stripes were created by Ed Hawkins, a Professor and Climate Scientist at the University of Reading. According to Hawkins, the purpose of these stripes is to make it easy for everyone to see and understand the impacts of climate change. "It is about making the data accessible to everyone, not just climate scientists," he stated. "We want to bring everyone into the climate conversation so we can all work together to demand systematic action."

Thanks to the organizing efforts of Climate Central, a policy-neutral nonprofit organization, a number of famous landmarks have already pledged to light up with the warming stripes on Show Your Stripes Day. These include Lincoln Financial Field, PECO Building, One Liberty Place, and Cira Center in Philadelphia; Twin Arches Bridge in Winston-Salem; Dublin Link Bridge in Columbus; Terminal Tower in Cleveland; Lowry Avenue Bridge in Minneapolis; Louisiana State Capitol in Baton Rouge; The Six 6 Light Bridges in Houston; Skydance Bridge in Oklahoma City; Baltimore City Hall in Baltimore; and San Diego Convention Center 'Sails'.

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Lauren Casey, a Meteorologist at Climate Central, explained that their organization was a natural fit for leading these efforts as they are an independent group focused on producing and disseminating localized and visual content about climate change. "The warming stripes powerfully illustrate the rise in average temperature," she said. "And their unique ability to be localized for individual cities makes it possible to customize them for each location."

In addition to lighting up landmarks with warming stripes, there is also a petition underway asking The White House to display them as part of the day's activities. This effort is meant to draw attention to the risks of rising global temperatures. The current administration has already shown a commitment to climate solutions with the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act in 2022, which is the largest legislative climate action signed into law in the world. With nearly $400 billion committed to mitigating the climate crisis, this law has already significantly accelerated the clean energy transition.

Leading climate scientists and thought leaders have expressed their support for this petition, and The Climate Reality Project, a non-profit organization founded by former Vice President Al Gore with a global network of 3.5 million people, has also promoted it to its members.

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Jessica Fishman, Director of Renewables at Kiterocket, shared her personal connection to the warming stripes. "As a clean energy marketer, I was drawn to them because I appreciate their ability to make complex concepts simple, accessible, and engaging," she said. "When I saw them projected on famous landmarks last year, I was inspired and decided to start a campaign to petition The White House to display them as well."

The warming stripes represent the change in average annual global temperatures since 1850. Red stripes indicate hotter years while blue stripes indicate cooler years compared to the average from 1971-2000. This striking image represents billions of pieces of scientific data collected over more than a century and has become an iconic emblem for the impacts of climate change. In recent years, they have been seen on Envision Racing's new Formula E race car, on the White Cliffs of Dover, and on Toronto's CN Tower.

As Show Your Stripes Day approaches once again this year, it is clear that people from all walks of life are coming together in solidarity to demand action on climate change. With landmarks around the world lighting up with warming stripes and a petition urging The White House to do the same, it is hoped that this collective effort will raise awareness and inspire further action to address the pressing issue of the human-caused climate crisis.
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