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# 1 New Release
New book from Dr. Randall Mooney explores the spiritual condition of the American Church and the Nation, during the challenges of 2020 and the years to come.

HOUSTON - Arizonar -- There has never been a time when America needed a fresh encounter with God more than now. When a nation is attacked from without, the people rally together to preserve what is theirs. But when the nation is fractured from within, family and friends find themselves forced to choose sides. Unfortunately, both sides lose. America is heading into a cultural civil war like none other, and it will be a war that none can win. The only hope for this country is a divine intervention from God. It's not just the minds of Americans that need change, it is the heart and soul of the Nation that needs to be rescued. Then She can be saved from self-destruction. Her only future is found in Her redemption and salvation.

Make America Saved Again, explores the condition of the Church in America and the spiritual condition of the nation during the challenges of 2020. So far the responses of both the Church and the Nation to these social battle lines, have demonstrated the need for the American Christian community to rediscover Her mission. If this country is going to find Her way again, fear and panic are going to have to be abandoned so She can return to faith, truth, hope and love.

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