Phoenix Real Estate Investment Start-Up Shakes Up Industry

PHOENIX, April 13, 2024 ~ The residential real estate investment industry is undergoing a major transformation as several long-standing industry leaders are facing a mass exodus of employees. This shakeup is attributed to poor management, outdated sales tactics, and a focus on cashing out rather than investing in their team.

According to Trey Watson, Founder and CEO of Aurumys, this shift is a result of modern expectations. Real estate professionals are no longer content with working for companies that prioritize selling out to Wall Street or venture capital funds. Instead, they are seeking long-term opportunities that allow them to fulfill their entrepreneurial ambitions while still being connected to a larger purpose where they have input and control.

Aurumys is an investment real estate brokerage that operates a private marketplace for buying and selling investment properties. The company's primary focus is on developing top-tier talent within their team, which they believe translates into a premium and personalized experience for their customers.

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Trey emphasizes the importance of investing in the inner organization rather than solely relying on technology. He believes that without great people, even the best proprietary tech will fail to meet the needs of real estate investors and homeowners. With decades of high-frequency transactional experience from top firms in the industry, the leadership team at Aurumys brings valuable expertise to the table.

In just under a year, Aurumys has expanded its operations to six states and has over 80 employees. They have established brick-and-mortar offices in Phoenix, Denver, Indianapolis, Albuquerque, Austin, and Fort Lauderdale. The company plans to open three more offices by 2024 and aims to have 16 operational offices by the end of 2025. Their headquarters are located in Phoenix, Arizona.

For those interested in learning more about Aurumys and their services, visit their website at or call 602-975-1822. With their focus on developing top talent and providing exceptional customer experiences, Aurumys is poised to make a significant impact in the residential real estate investment industry.
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