PODS Moves Tenant With False Statements, Misleading Deceptive Tactics and Refusal of Credit

Consumers be aware of PODS and their Double Auto Debit's The Same Month You Pay and more for Out of State tenant...

TUCSON, Ariz. - Arizonar -- For Moving Consumers USA:

Triumph Donnelly Studios Corporation as an out of state tenant for a PODS unit in are alerting consumers today of PODS Enterprises Inc which CEO  and their  Senior Legal Counsel . For over 6 months now the tenant had requested of PODS Enterprises Inc to change the due date for said rental unit to the 3rd of each month. The company refused to comply for over 6 months if written requests from TDS, finally as alleged they complied false.. Secondly, their General Counsel stated in writing three times to said tenant as an out of state tenant, the due date was changed by our automated billing system, this again another false statement made in writing to said tenant.Thirdly, as additional false statements made by their Senior Counsel, said tenant requested over 2 months to remove the auto pay on said account, As added to Insult our Intelligence, the Senior Counsel stated in three emails, I have updated and removed your account from the account under auto pay. Again another false statement, tenant's account has been auto debited now 19 times as of this date as confirmed by said tenants bank. PODS tries to double bill in the same month the tenant has paid to be paid twice in the same month. PODS states we do this to have the account paid in advance for the next month.

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PODS Enterprises Inc has violated several FTC rules, violated rules and under the Federal Carrier Administration as stated above. The $249.00 credit PODS still refuses, legal action is now proceeding.

Triumph Donnelly Studios Corporation Legal

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