PODS® Phoenix Eases the Transition of "Shared Living" Amongst Elderly Family Members

As of 2022, more elderly parents are moving into the homes of their adult children. Many people losing independence can be a life-changing experience. To ease this transition, PODS offers convenient storage, accessibility, and flexible solutions.

PHOENIX - Arizonar -- While young adults living with their parents has been a long-standing trend for years now, the latest shift in 2022 has more and more elderly parents moving in with their adult children.

No matter your current living situation, PODS Phoenix can support you as you transition your elderly relatives into the next stage of the moving process.
  1. Take it slow – Start small and help ease your elderly parent or relative into downsizing their home slowly, completing one task at a time. This reduces their anxiety over parting with potential items of value and takes the added stress out of the transition of moving.  
  1. Have a Plan- It's easy to be sidetracked as you begin to sift through memories and valued items. Stay the course with a plan and have a PODS container placed in their driveway to store belongings and moved to your home or at a secure storage facility for easier access to their belongings.  
  1. Declutter – Help your elderly parent or relative declutter their home before loading up the PODS container with their items.  
  1. Stay Organized – As you begin to move through each room, organize their items by creating a checklist of all the important items and diving them up based on what they want to keep, donate or throw away.  

Why you can trust PODS to support you in any stage of your life:
  • Accessibility – PODS eliminates trips to and from the storage facility, placing your container in your driveway and picking it up once it's filled.
  • Convenience- PODS does the driving to bring the storage to you, delivering a sturdy, weather-resistant PODS container to your home. When you're ready, either keep it in your driveway or they pick it up and drive it to their local Storage Center after it's loaded.  
  • Storage of Clutter – No time to donate unused items? Store them in a PODS container and move at your own pace.
  • Flexible Solutions – Storing items in a PODS container throughout the year allows them to swap items out that hold immense value and at their convenience while helping to reduce unnecessary clutter in your home.
"Family is so important and making sure our elderly family members have moving and storage options is something our PODS team has experience helping with. If you are helping transition your elderly parent or relative, a PODS container can often provide that security of knowing their belongings are safe and accessible," said Steven Figueroa, Territory Manager PODS® Phoenix.

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