ReadyReturns Drops Massive Update--Adds Powerful New Customer Satisfaction Tools For Mobile Returns & Automated Store Credit

PHOENIX, Nov. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- ReadyReturns (, the enterprise-level Return Services App for the ReadyCloud Suite, has just dropped a massive update. This new update adds powerful and easy to implement customer satisfaction tools that enhance the online return process. It also gives e-tailers new ways to appeal to mobile shoppers—while streamlining the send-back process to attract more second-chance sales during the returns cycle.

Returns are an extension of customer service and as consumers shift to mobile shopping and buying, recent reports are finding that as many as 55% want to buy and return online from a mobile device this holiday season. With return rates increasing to nearly 65% (on products like apparel), e-tailers that make returning on mobile a simple and straightforward experience stand to gain long-term customers.

ReadyReturns helps position these e-tailers by giving them an easy way to offer mobile returns with the addition of QR codes. E-tailers can now offer QR codes that instantly generate a UPS return shipping label when scanned—appealing to mobile-only shoppers that want to buy and return from their handset. Using QR coded return labels, e-tailers can set return label expiration dates to match their return policy and enforce return-by dates automatically.

"Consumer's that buy on mobile want to process their return on mobile," comments Michael Lazar, Director of Marketing at ReadyCloud. "Think of it like a mobile airline ticket, except this QR code can be scanned at a local UPS store to instantly generate a return shipping label. This keeps the e-tailer's brand in-touch with today's consumer and their return habits, making every shopping experience a positive one."

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The ReadyReturns update also adds powerful new features to help e-tailers retain sales volume via Store Credit. Shopify Plus merchants (BigCommerce is coming soon) can entice customers with a store credit based on their actions. For example, when the return is received by the carrier, it will trigger an acceptance scan that can be used to automatically issue credit to the consumer. This reduces customer service interactions and follow-up inquiries. The customer's actions determine when, and if, they are issued their credit.

In support of WooCommerce, Magento, Square, Instagram Shops and others, ReadyReturns introduces a customized returns workflow that display's the e-tailer's promotional message during the return. Its purpose is to convert a would-be refund into a store credit.

"Going beyond the 'buy' button means thinking about the 'after-buying' experience—or the consumer behavior that immediately follows a return," Lazar explains. "When an order results in a return, make that experience great with ReadyReturns. Your customers will love you for it and will buy from you again, then and there, up to 44% of the time."

ReadyReturns works with today's most popular online sales channels to give e-tailers a way to offer a hassle-free and rules-based, "Amazon-like" product returns process for their online store.

Learn more about ReadyReturns at:

ReadyReturns is only available in the ReadyCloud Suite for a 14-day no-risk trial.

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Start by creating a ReadyCloud account at:

Next, add the ReadyReturns premium plugin from the App store to start offering easy mobile returns for your customers.

See a demo of ReadyReturns in action at:

Or text "ReadyReturns" to 480.630.6380 for a mobile demo.

Got questions? Give ReadyCloud a ring at: 877.818.7447. Or email them at: [email protected].

Learn more at:

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