Ruben Gallego seizes the high ground in the Arizona Senate race, while Kyrsten Sinema is sinking

Politics is flickering between blue, and red, and where it ends up in is anyone's guess.


U.S. Rep. Ruben Gallego is a Marine Corps combat veteran and it shows, as he guns the engine on his U.S. Senate campaign. He is reading the terrain well, surrounding himself with good commanders and has just seized the high ground.

Gallego entered the race for the U.S. Senate race in Arizona and immediately outmaneuvered independent incumbent Kyrsten Sinema.

It's harder to call him to be labeled the third wheel when he's the first to declare. Now it's on Sinema to decide if she wants to be the spoiler.

Sinema decided to be an independent. Failed Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is a possible candidate but she hasn't done anything close to declaring. She's too busy demanding her 2022 defeat be nullified so she can be installed as governor. Keep waiting, Kari….

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That does look like a viable field, given the state of today's Arizona Republican Party. Gallego, Sinema and a crackpot.

If the Republicans were smart, of course, they would run nominate a guy like Doug Ducey after the GOP's cadre of crazies go wiped out in the 2022 midterms. Karrin Taylor Robson is talking about running after narrowly losing a gubernatorial primary against Lake. That would be a wise pick. Smart? Wise? They're both Deep State conspiracies. The right's new mantra is prefer victimhood over savvy strategy and that makes Gallego's candidacy plausible.

Two polls in the last month show Gallego in a fender-to-fender race with Lake in a three-way race against Sinema, who trails on a tricycle.

A poll released last week by Blueprint Polling had Lake at 36 percent, Gallego at 32 percent and Sinema at 14 percent. Lake just ran for governor and got 49 percent of the vote. She was much of Arizona's cool mom/favorite sister as a news anchor based out of Phoenix. She's not unknown and she's pulling just 36 percent? Most voters couldn't find Gallego if he was sitting in their Hyundai.

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In a two-way race, Progressive Policy Polling's December poll found Gallego took a one point lead over Lake in a field without Sinema.

With Sinema in the race, PPP's poll showed Lake's support at 41 percent, Gallego at 40 percent and Sinema at 12 percent.

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