Saving Mankind Through Stories

Huck&Dorothy forges ahead during COVID, societal unrest, and more.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - Arizonar -- Huck&Dorothy's motto is simple: saving mankind through stories. Their mission is bold: give audiences heartfelt, story-based experiences and artists a place to realize their creative dreams. The independent entertainment company has produced a feature film, a novel, and a modern-day fairytale over the last few years.

"We love classical storytelling," says Carissa Dalton, co-Founder, actor, writer and director. "And we are driven to make heartfelt stories for all ages."

Family-oriented and family-run, Chris and Carissa are strong and daring, focused on pushing social trends and and staying true to time-honored values.

"Storytellers are people who look into the future," says Chris., "then they come back and tell everyone what they saw coming. We see a tsunami of chaos for families and communities. So we are creating stories which will heal and restore hearts and minds."

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In All The Dragons, a film distributed by Indie Rights Films, Chris and Carissa created a story focused on a family facing their past. The movie is centered on a wife and mother who has to go back to her childhood home to confront buried memories and be reminded of the talents she had long forsaken.

"We made the film on a shoestring budget, with an amazing group of actors, crew, and post production," says Carissa. "We are proud of how it came out. And hope people are inspired by the film's themes."

Their first novel, Nicholas and the Keeper of Names, also focuses on families and the they face. The fantasy-adventure novel was written for middle grade and up, and tells the story of Nicholas, a half human-half elf boy who is called on to take over the role of being the keeper of names during a time of famine and strife in his home town.

"The novel began as a feature film, but studios weren't interested in the story," says Chris. "So I turned it into a novel, with Carissa and our sons' guidance. It is a fantasy-adventure that I hope treads the same paths as Tolkien and Lewis."

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Working with illustrator and artist, Josh Judd, Huck&Dorothy also released a modern-day fairytale, titled The Lantern Heart. The tale is about a Hunter living on the Kodiak Islands.

"He is a skilled woodsman," says Chris, "and is facing off with his greatest threat yet: an ancient demon destroying the lives of children."

Set in the modern times, The Lantern Heart keys in on the power of sacrificing for others, even when it's not required.

"There was a time people stepped in to help others," says Carissa. "We want The Lantern Heart to awaken a sense of patriot duty that propelled men and women into action."

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