"Terrapin" Fanny pack successfully comeback, become the current trend in bag

Fanny pack, also known as chest pack, has come back. Come and have some knowledge of current trend of bags!

ASH FORK, Ariz. - Arizonar -- Fanny packs have been synonymous with "Kitsch"until they were targeted by the fashion world, and the Fanny packs that once seemed to be the preserve of only uncles and businessmen have become a favorite fashion item for celebrities and street-style bloggers.

Accessorized with work clothes, with a small skirt, with a small fragrance are super good-looking, it has become a practical function out of the decoration, and a variety of styles of clothing to match, in the waist line to create a different sense of fashion.

Big Red Oval waist bag single look is a little rustic, not high enough saturation red in so many beautiful colors in the encirclement. But all the items are good-looking by the take, an orange straight tube with such a belt skirt waist bag is very clever.

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The belt waist bag is super cool, the small square style is very similar to the mobile phone bag, and it is really only suitable for the size of a phone. Similar to the design of the wallet can also be filled with a variety of cards, hanging in the front, safe and good-looking. Two small square bags together, but it is very often seen in the movie clip, it looks very cool. Cool bags are also great for cool suits. A solid white suit with a dark green Fanny Pack is simply not very professional.

WOW, I really like this Women's Fanny Pack (https://waist-pack.com/womens-fanny-pack/). The Fanny Pack became the belt of the dress, giving the straight skirt a nice waistline. Similar skirts without waistlines can be worn with a Fanny pack to show off the waist.

Find out more about our Small Fanny Pack Mens Women's (https://waist-pack.com/small-fanny-pack-mens-womens/)

Bonnie J Burroughs

Source: Waistpack
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