The First BLAQUE Womanaire is here!

Aquana Raffington, CEO of "The A Team" Stravard Lux Publishing House
What does "BLAQUE" stand for you ask? It means Bold, Liberated, Accomplished, Qualified, Unique and Empowered. Mrs. Aquana Raffington and her brand embodies it all!

ATLANTA & SPRINGFIELD, Mass. - Arizonar -- There's no such thing as "No introduction needed". Some people need an introduction just to fathom the life-altering work that they have done in such a short amount of time. One person in particular is Mrs. Aquana Raffington. If you haven't heard of her, then allow us to "Introduce" you to who she is.

Mrs. Raffington has a story that's not unlike many other women with children looking to escape an abusive relationship, but that's where their paths divert. After leaving her hometown in Massachusetts with her four children in tow, she arrived in Georgia without a penny to her name. However, that DID NOT stop her. She overcame a number of debilitating obstacles and used those unfortunate events as the building blocks on which she would construct her Queendom.

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We don't say that in jest, Aquana has actually built an infrastructure that supplies sustenance to droves of people. She believes in foundation and stability, which is something you can not have if you don't have a home.

Aquana has installed the tools to home ownership and financial wellness in her company, aptly named "The A Team". The A Team is an all encompassing hub for credit health, various insurances, home lending, taxes, and business start-up needs. Believe it or not, this is an abridged list of what her brand provides.

The personal side of the "Aquana Raffington" brand is rooted in the community with her nonprofit "EASE".  That's where she offers services for women and children to break the cycle of mental and physical abuse. As well as mentorship, coaching, strategy and motivational speaking.

Mrs. Raffington has had many occasions to be recognized but an upcoming event is near and dear to her heart. She has been tapped with the honor of giving the "Call To Action" speech at the 11th Annual RICE Awards on December 5th 2021. This is a special distinction because sewing into her community is as involuntary as breathing.

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Aquana's ride has not been smooth by no means but she has managed to turn "Pennies into Purses". Aquana continues to do the same for her community as she steps into the lifestyle of a true BLAQUE Womanaire!

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