The Funniest Kid's Chapter Book has Just Arrived at Book Stores

MESA, Ariz. - Arizonar -- There's a new book in town and it's as funny as it gets. This new kid's chapter book is "The Terrible Insects," an 85-page illustrated chapter book for middle-grade readers. It is full of disgusting situations; but in a good way. It will make every reader laugh themselves silly.

Written by author K Richard Douglas and illustrated by illustrator Aleksandra Radic, "The Terrible Insects" will engage kids in the plot twists while leaving them laughing at the more gross situations. Kids will be engrossed in the unfolding story and ask: "What will happen to Sylvester?"

K Richard Douglas is the author of "Pochi Was Here: Pochi Visits the Land of the Rising Sun," another middle-grade chapter book for kids who enjoy adventure and learning about other countries and cultures. He also wrote "Please be Nice to Old People," a color-illustrated book that teaches early readers about having empathy for older people.

Douglas says that "kids may not want to read The Terrible Insects just before eating a meal." "I am just letting them know ahead of time," he says.

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The book tells the story of a group of terrible insects who are disliked by the local insect community and unwelcome by humans too. Their entire purpose is to engage in terrible and disgusting behavior. After one of The Terrible Insects attempts to play a lowly joke on an unsuspecting silverfish, the tables are turned on the group of miscreants.

Sylvester the silverfish strategizes a way to get revenge and the head of The Terrible Insects is not going to let Sylvester's deed go unpunished. Trying to get rid of Sylvester turns out not to be as easy as the boss bug thinks. The resulting adventure proves to be a super-funny story of a terrible group of insects who love to laugh and ruin people's picnics.

The new chapter book is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Walmart and book sellers everywhere. ISBN # 979-8-9886862-2-4   The Terrible Insects; they bugged everyone.

The Terrible Insects is published by SCRIBERIS, LLC.

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