Triumph Donnelly Studios New Movie Car 2025 Camaro Z-28 for Warrant Character

Triumph Donnelly Studios Studios Cars are "American Made" for Vendetta Vette (c) 2025

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Announced on May 20, 2024, Triumph Donnelly Studios announced their choice for the nemesis car for their Warrant (c) character and it is the 2025 Chevrolet Camaro Z-28 as stated by TDS. Triumph Donnelly Studios stated, " the Camaro Z-28" shall give the Vendetta Vette (c) Corvette a good run, the car offers great car star power as does the Corvette. Chevrolet & GM have a great movie car's for the trailer and movie for our Vendetta Vette (c) Mission One, 2025 "GM shall sell more cars of these model's to the female market and more", "Triumph Donnelly Studios looks forward to working with Chevrolet and GM for the placement of their car's in the trailer and movie in 2025 as the official nemesis car and more".

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Triumph Donnelly Studios is currently in talks with a new Female Director and is in final talks for locations, additional crews, new cast members and future merchandising of the franchise under the banner and more. The character's shall empower Women globally and give James Bond (c) a run fir his money in 2025..


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