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For one special October day in Prescott, people with heartfelt ties to Ukraine stood united to celebrate, support, and care about people across the world.

PRESCOTT, Ariz. - Arizonar -- It was a beautiful and memorable day to join in song, dance, and raise a toast to honor the Ukrainian people. The event was led by Terri New (of Prescott) and Olga Szwed of "You are the Angel" (a humanitarian organization recently helping Ukraine). We shared a traditional Ukrainian meal, of course with honey vodka toasts and borscht, to commence the meal. Proceeds went to support Ukraine.


Some people shared stories of growing up in Ukraine, of families still living there. One American man spoke of fighting side by side with the Ukrainian men in a war that never should have started. My husband George and I were honored to be among the vendors at this special event – invited because Shayla is part of Ukraine. That is why one of the leaders, "Cossack Cowgirl" Cindy Brower Brown, maker of the Ukrainian headdress Vinok, made a lovely dog collar Vinok for Shayla to wear (see photo). Although Shayla came to America a couple years ago, her roots run deep in remembering her Father's House orphanage home and friends there.

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As people walked by our booth and met Shayla (https://shaylaandfriends.com/), some were so touched that they bent down to say hello and take a photo with her. A couple people even spoke to her in Ukraine as they held her paw, perhaps together remembering a world far away. I don't know what they said to her, but she seemed to remember and understand their Ukrainian words, tilting her head as if entranced in memories. Everyone who meets Shayla falls in love with her – you will too!

Supporting Ukraine

As Terri said at the festival, the way to guard against responding to evil and bad things in this world, like this war, is simple:

"You choose NOT to be indifferent, you choose to care about humanity and all creatures of this earth.

"If we choose to join the Ukrainian people in spirit and believe that Ukraine will be the victors in this war, to be free again one day, to rebuild their country, praying for their safety, we will find peace again". Shayla (https://shaylaandfriends.com/) understood the message of the day and even made a new friend – almost touching noses, peacefully, with a large white horse at the property. Sometimes animals are smarter than we are in looking beyond species boundaries to become friends.

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SLAVA UKRANI (This is a Ukrainian national salute, known as a symbol of Ukrainian sovereignty and resistance, and as the official salute of the Armed Forces of Ukraine since 2018). And the response is HEROIAM SLAVA (or Glory to the Heroes)!

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Source: Shayla and Friends

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